In French; Géomètres Sans Frontières (GSF).

GSF is a French Non-Profit Organization which was created about 20 years ago.

At first, it was mostly providing internships in emerging countries to students from the three French Land and Geomatic Engineering Schools. Since 2009, Claire Galpin (French Chartered Land Surveyor) took over the presidency of the NGO and has given a new vision to GSF: creating a humanist platform focused on land activities.

Objective 1: Support projects in needs of land tenure expertise; GSF provides technical assistance, project management and/or equipment to various development and scientific projects; topographical survey, land information (including land registration and management) system establishment, land tenure policy, etc...

Objective 2: Exchange ideas and promote education; GSF gathers professionals with various qualifications and skills in order to share experiences and improve land tenure management throughout the world. GSF especially emphasizes the professional exchange between emerging and developed countries, and facilitates technical trainings to future land tenure professionals throughout the world.

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Interviews - Administration Foncière autour du Forum GIM/FIG 2012 à Rome

Lors de la semaine de la FIG à Rome une session spéciale commune à la Commission 7 (Cadastre) et la revue GIM international a eu liue. la thématique centrale était l'administration foncière.

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Planet under pressure London 27-29 of march 2012

Nous avons présenté un poster à propos de la gestion foncière décentralisée en présentant les projets du Burundi et du Sénégal. Quelques questions d'universitaires.le focus était vraiment environnemental mais l'image (satellitaire) présente dans toutes les présentations et stands.

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FIG/GIM Forum on future of Land Administration

Rome FIG 2012FIG/GIM Special session on Future of Land Administration

Wednesday 9 May, 14:00 - 15:30, Ellisse, Rome Cavalieri

Panel session 
TS08L - FIG/GIM Forum on Future of Land Administration

Commission: GIM, FIG and 7
Chair: Mr. Christiaan Lemmen, the Netherlands
Rapporteur: Mrs Gerda Schennach, Austria

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Annual World Bank Conference - 23/26 of april 2012

Please note Annual World Bank Conference, 23-26 April 2012
This is actually the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.

On the third day, April 26 2012, it will include the Workshop, Spatially Enabling Societies for Sustainable Development, supported by The World Bank, FIG, GSDI and UN.  

The Workshop will be run in parallel to the main conference program.

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