FIG/GIM Forum on future of Land Administration

Rome FIG 2012FIG/GIM Special session on Future of Land Administration

Wednesday 9 May, 14:00 - 15:30, Ellisse, Rome Cavalieri

Panel session 
TS08L - FIG/GIM Forum on Future of Land Administration

Commission: GIM, FIG and 7
Chair: Mr. Christiaan Lemmen, the Netherlands
Rapporteur: Mrs Gerda Schennach, Austria

This is a panel discussion open for all participants interested in the future trends in land administration. The panelists will initiate the discussion with brief statements followed by comments and discussion. The panelists include representatives different regions of the world and presenting different perspectives. Themes that will be discussed: the evolving role of land professionals, AAA vs Open/Crowdsourced Cadastre? Informal rights included and overlapping claims, 3D and 4D in land administration.


  • Africa : Clarissa Augustinus (UN HABITAT, Kenya)
  • Europe : Peter Laarakker (Netherlands)
  • Asia: Quang Thanh Bui (Vietnam)
  • Latin America: Diego Alfonso Erba (Argentina)
  • Young Surveyors representative :Jean-François Beaupré (Canada)

Themes (no specific order):

  • AAA (Accurate, Authoritative, Assured) Cadastre vs Open / Crowdsourced Cadastre?
  • business models, e.g. people's own cadastre or goverment cadastre, private companies running a cadastre or do we have international / regional / global cadastre?
  • 3D and 4D in land administration
  • social cadastre with personal and informal rights included and overlapping claims (contradictions between registration and situation in the field)
  • will cadastre still exist or will it be integrated in broader institutions and information infrastructures?
  • surveyors still needed?
  • complete transparency with open and accessible data-sets vs privacy
  • economic innovations based on cadastre data vs land grabbing
  • deed based systems to maintain history (and to reconstruct the past) or not?
  • base for complete participatory spatial planning


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