FIG: Gender issue in land administration

Claire Galpin as rapporteur in technical session TS04G - Gender Issues in Land Administration

Three very interesting presentations followed by a lively debate on the role of women in the land  surveying world in which female Nigerian surveyors have vehemently defended their belief about the fact that Woman has her place as a surveyor.


A very interesting panorama by David ISHAYA (Nigeria) about the duties and the Challenges that Female Estate Surveyors and Valuers are facing - Empirical Challenges from Kaduna, Nigeria. It seems to be necessary to fight hard to overcome discrimination.


Ernest Uwayezu (Rwanda) has shown that when a door is opened by a state with a strong political will and determination to protect women and youth, the process moves quickly and vulnerable groups are more visible and thus better protected.


Finally, Danilo ANTONIO (UN Habitat) has shown how land tools are useful for making women conspicuous. Even though the proposed project (Evaluating Land Tools from a Gender Perspective: GLTN's Experience of Implementing the Gender Evaluation Criteria) is at the local level, it is a first step to incorporate women's interests in the land issue at large-scale and provide solutions to the Gender and Land complex issue.


However these are only a few tools that won't solve all problems. During these presentations it was demonstrated that mind sets must change, it's a long process in which education is a prerequisite, in particular the girls education.



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